Aloha Splash

1Aloha Splash

Aloha Splash is a fun event held and organized each year by our students’ body SMV.

On Monday May 12th, 2014, the students of grades 2 - 11 enjoyed a day with all sorts of watery fun.

The school was set up with different stations, each one supervised by a different teacher in charge of a particular game. This gave the students a variety of wet ways to get soaked and stay cool on the hot day. Of course, all the kids and teachers ended up with pretty wet heads and clothes! 

The superb planning from the student council included food as well. At the end of the school day all students came together for a wonderful lunch buffet in the music room. There was also an extraordinary snack sale (Pausenbrotverkauf) organized by the PBV.

Such a fun day at school! We are all looking forward to “Aloha Splash 2015“! Thanks to the hard work of the student council in throwing this party.