Special week for grade 7

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À table – comme en France OR How do I become a maître de cuisine?

On day 1 we started with a good French breakfast. After that we learned vocabulary and important skills, such as “l‘entrée”, “le plat principal”, “le dessert”….

On day 2 we looked for French recipes and created a shopping list of all the things we needed for ratatouille, gratin, Caesar salad, croque monsieur (and madame), mousse au chocolat and crêpes.

On day 3 we did a trip to the Alliance Française and enjoyed following a great program. We did a quiz, watched French short movies and played lots of fun games about language. At the end we had wonderful food at the French Restaurant “Le Café 1912“.

On day 4 we created a menu and invented names for our restaurants. With little films from TV5 we worked on our language-comprehension skills to be ready for the last day.

Friday was the final day – we cooked all the good meals together and sat at a long table to eat and enjoy the food. Hopefully everybody went home with a full stomach and a brain full of important French vocabulary.

Now we hope to one day have the chance to travel to France and eat at a restaurant there. “Les voyages forment la jeunesse.“ 


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