Let´s fly away!

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Let´s fly away!
Our Kindergarten A students were all for it! We “flew” from Japan to Germany, back from “Snowland” to Thailand and from Sweden to Canada. 
Mr. Kuyakanon, a real pilot, was the highlight for our Kindergarten students today. He even brought mini-planes with working landing gears along and answered like a hundred questions: How fast can a plane travel? Which colors do different airlines have? We could even try on his pilot hat! And – did you really know how many stripes first officers and pilots have on their sleeves? Please feel free to ask our Kindergarteners, because they are the experts now. 
We would like to express our warmest thank you to Mr. Kuyakanon for his wonderful visit. 
We are very much looking forward to our Kindergarten Career Day on Friday, May 19th. Please feel free to come along and enjoy the wonderful “Careers Gallery” in front of the Kindergarten rooms on that day!
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