School Development Achievements

In recent years, success has already been recorded:

Promotion of the learner autonomie

  • Implementation of Moodle on the Secondary (grades 7 - 12)
  • Introduction of iPads at the Primary level (KG – grade 6)
  • Cooperative learning methods
  • overarching competencies
  • Strengthening the medial education and securing schooling in crisis situations

Strengthening the professionalisation and cooperation of the teachers

  • Systematic student feedback on a regular basis
  • Collegial teaching observations
  • Regular professional training on individualization, internal differentiation and digitalisation

Strengthening the German language

  • DaF / DaZ (German as a foreign language) and DFU (German instruction in subject lessons)
  • Introduction of the German language diploma (Deutsches Sprachdiplom I and II)
  • German language projects (plays, class readings, German weeks)
  • German Summer Camp

Renovation and expansion of the school

  • Concept for classrooms and breakrooms
  • Fit-4-future (Project for more movement at the school)

Opening of the school

  • Redesigning the homepage
  • New concept of the alumni work