Swiss Authorities

Federal Department of Home Affairs / Federal Office of Culture

The Federal Office of Culture belongs to the Federal Department of Home Affairs. It supports and promotes the education of young Swiss abroad by funding 18 Swiss schools on four continents. They are supervised by the local Swiss Embassies. Hence, Swiss children and adolescents living on foreign soil have the opportunity to enjoy an education based upon Swiss principles and to maintain close links with their home country. It also allows them to transfer to schools in Switzerland or into the country’s higher education system at any given moment. Swiss cultural presence abroad is also promoted as Swiss schools are important hubs for different cultures to encounter.






Educationsuisse is the coordination agency for the 18 Swiss schools abroad. Their main task is to represent the interests of these schools in relation to the public, economy and authorities in Switzerland. Each summer, they organize an annual three-day conference of Swiss schools abroad where school presidents and directors meet to attend panels and workshops, exchange information and best practices.



Sponsor canton of Lucerne

The canton of Lucerne is the sponsor canton of RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok. Each Swiss school abroad is pedagogically and administratively supervised by at least one canton. They support the advantageous purchase of school material, student exchange activities, recruitment and preparatory training for new teaching staff as well as further training for existing teaching staff. Financial aid may also be provided in case of investment projects. Furthermore, they pay regular evaluation visits to the schools.



Embassy of Switzerland Bangkok