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At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Swiss Educational Association (SEA), its parent, corporate and honorary members elect from among themselves the seven members of the school board. The president, vice president and treasurer must be Swiss nationals.

The board holds monthly meetings with the school management, teacher representatives and representatives of our two Embassies to define and monitor the school strategy, discuss current affairs and locate new opportunities. The  board commissions personnel, marketing, finance, infrastructure, and temporary commisssions digitalization and german hub support and advice the school management team.

The 2021/2022 board members are: 

Function         Name    Subcommitee Since
President Knut Sierotzki Infrastructure, HR 2015
Vice President Natalie Becher Infrastructure, HR, Digitalization 2019
Treasurer Katja Ruethemann  Finance, Strategy and Marketing 2020
Parents'  Representative   Andrew Djie Digitalization 2020
Secretary Yves Clerc German Hub 2019
Member 1 Sascha Modersitzki TBA 2021
Member 2 Jan-Wilko Helms Finance, Strategy and Marketing, Infrastructure, German Hub 2015

Members of the school development group:
- Yves Clerc as representative of the school board
- Andrew Djie as representative of the parents' council