Students' Council (SMV)

The Students' Council - SchülerInnenmitverwaltung (SMV) in German - provides the students a platform to promote their interests and to be actively involved in school life. It consists of two student representatives per class from Grades 5-12, who at the beginning of each school year elect from among themselves their president, vice-president, treasurer and also a liaison teacher who provides confidential guidance to all students and also acts as a tutor to the SMV. The SMV meets on a monthly basis to discuss current affairs and plan their events. For instance, they have launched initiatives like the construction of the Flying Fox or organize special events like the annual Sports Night.

The president and vice-president of the SMV also participate in the Teaching Staff Conference.

The members of the current SMV are:


President Malte Oloffs
Vice President Cyrill Reding
Liaison Teacher Tanya Störzer, Andra Marginean
Treasurer Franka Lerbs
Treasurer Sarah Gaehwiler
Minutes Taker Sonya Stoffer
Deputy Minute Taker Jelena Buechi
Grade 5 Jelena Buechi, Lennart Oloffs
Grade 6 Luke Boda, Sonya Stoffer
Grade 6E Phassakorn Paisal, Nattakorn Prasertsilapa
Grade 7 Natakorn Charoenmak, Noah Kanemitsu
Grade 8 Fabian Still, Paula Oloffs
Grade 9 Sarah Gaehwiler, Prin Oapirat
Grade 10 Malte Oloffs, Dominik Voigt
Grade 11 Cyrill Reding, Franka Lerbs
Grade 12 Varin Boondej, Moritz Winkelmann