Students' Council (SMV)

The Students' Council - Schülermitverantwortung (SMV) in German - provides the students a platform to be actively involved in the school life. It consists of two class representatives per class from Grades 5 - 12, who at the beginning of each school year, elect the SMV-Team (student representative, treasurer, minutes taker and their deputies). The students of Grades 5 – 12  also elect a liaison teacher and a deputy liaison teacher. The SMV meets on a regular basis to discuss current topics and to plan events. For instance, they have launched initiatives like the Christmas card sale or organized the Pizza la Viva event.

The student representative and vice student representative of the SMV-Team also participate in the All-Teachers’ Conference and the meetings of the school development group.

The members of the current SMV are:


Student Representative Manoa Munzert
Vice Student Representative Sarah Gaehwiler
Treasurer Digna Hedwig
Deputy Treasurer Marie Holldorff
Minutes Taker Jasmine Bucher
Deputy Minute Taker Sophie Limbo
Grade 5 Nina Kanemitsu, Napathree Ussadadach
Grade 6 Elle Becher, Daniel Hecker
Grade 7.1 Leonie Zindler, Til Munzert
Grade 7.2 Lenart Oloffs, Liam Müller
Grade 8 Sophie Limbo, Digna  Hedwig
Grade 9 Laura Jakobi, Lucy Rapp
Grade 10 Marie Holldorff, Jasmine Bucher
Grade 11 Manoa Munzert, Sarah Gaehwiler
Grade 12 Malte Oloffs, Purimas Tiensong
Liaison Teacher Samuel Denny
Deputy Liaison Teacher Tanya Stoerzer