The School Leadership Team of RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok includes the following members:

Portrait of Principal Christian Vogel formally dressed

Mr. Christian Vogel, Principal

Mr. Christian Vogel (born in 1962) has been appointed as the new Principal of RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok. After obtaining the Federal Matura (Type B) at the Alte Kantonsschule Aarau, Mr. Vogel gained his first work experience as a lecturer and editor at the Aargauer Zeitung publishing house while studying at the University of Zurich. He then decided to train as a primary and secondary school teacher at the Höhere Pädagogische Lehranstalt HPL in Zofingen. After two years as a secondary school teacher in Fricktal, he was drawn to the Berufswahlschule Bülach, where he worked as a homeroom teacher and department head for the next 18 years. For the last seven years, after completing his principal’s training, he was a headmaster of the Nägelimoos Secondary School in Kloten and then the principal of the Hirslanden Secundary School in the Zurichberg school district. He had been the Chief Financial Officer of the Bülach Secondary School Board for five years.

Fabian Grund

Mr. Fabian Grund, Vice Principal, Head of Secondary

Fabian Grund studied German language and literature, music and German as a foreign language in Magdeburg and Cagliari. After his traineeship in Halle/Saale, he taught for three years in Istanbul. Afterwards, he found a new home in Lower Saxony and founded a school big band and a brass class in Braunschweig. Besides this, he studied school management part-time with Prof. Rolff in Kaiserslautern, focusing on teaching development. Since 2019, he performed various tasks as a coordinator in the extended school management in Braunschweig. He joined RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok at the beginning of the school year 2023/2024.

Mrs. Simone Scheuber, Head of Primary

Simone Scheuber is a trained primary and secondary teacher and holds an M.A. in Secondary Education. She has had the opportunity to gain experience in various private as well as state educational institutions and, in addition to her teaching career in Switzerland, has also worked in Vietnam and Mexico. These experiences have broadened Simone Scheuber’s pedagogical, didactic and socio-cultural horizons and enriched her as an individual on a personal level. After completing the Certificate of Advanced Studies “Leading an Educational Institution”, she has spent the last three years working as a head teacher of an elementary school in the city of Zurich in Switzerland. Since August 2022, Simone Scheuber is working as Head of Department of Primary Education at RIS Swiss Section – German Language School Bangkok.

Mrs. Patrizia Aydin, Head of Administration

Patrizia Aydin (born in 1984) is an alumna at RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok. After receiving her Matura degree, she went to Germany to study Business Education at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) in Munich. When she received her Master degree for Qualified Teacher of Business Studies, she came back to Bangkok to start working in her family´s company. During the five years at the company, she could collect many skills in different aspects of the business. Patrizia Aydin then moved to Istanbul and stayed there for four years. Returning to Bangkok in 2017, she started at the school’s playgroup program “Spielzwerge” and worked in the Kindergarten in 2019. During the school year 2019/2020, she was the homeroom teacher of a Basis Level class. Since August 2020, Patrizia Aydin is appointed as Head of Administration.