RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok is the only international school in Bangkok with a curriculum founded upon the authentic values of Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Our high quality education is based upon holistic learning, multilingualism, diversity, individual development and integration. In the name of inclusiveness, all members of our learning family are treated with equal encouragement, expectation and value. The students are tutored and prepared by excellent staff for internationally recognized diplomas and certificates giving them access to further education worldwide.


  • merging the Swiss and German curricula to offer a broad, individualizing, interdisciplinary and practice-oriented education
  • providing multilingual and intercultural learning experiences
  • putting students at the center of their learning by applying modern holistic and interactive teaching and learning methods in small classes
  • supporting students according to their pedagogic and academic needs
  • facilitating the smooth transfer to primary and secondary schools in German-speaking countries, their schools abroad, international schools and further education
  • awarding internationally recognized diplomas and certificates
  • educating students to acquire a high-quality and sustainable graduate profile so that they are well equipped for a successful embarkation on further studies, life-long learning and professional fulfillment in today’s and tomorrow’s fast-changing and competitive world society
  • hiring highly qualified and experienced native teaching-staff
  • having modern and high quality materials and facilities
  • upholding a familiar, friendly and green environment
  • working closely and building strong relationships with all stakeholders, integrating individuals from diverse backgrounds into the school community as well as cultivating constant exchange
  • building a perpetual improvement culture by undergoing periodical internal quality management processes and external evaluation to continuously develop our practices