Admission Overview

RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok emphasizes diversity and integration and welcomes all children from families who are interested in a bilingual German-English education based on the values of the three German-speaking countries (Switzerland, Germany and Austria).

The school year comprises of two semesters (August-December/January-June). Admission is open throughout the year.

Preschool: Cut-off date is July 31st  (on this date the child must have reached the specified age)

Nursery/Lernzwerge:      18 months old at entry date

KG 1:                        3 years old

BS:                            5 years old 

Grade 1:                  6 years old

STEP 1. Online Application & Supporting Documents

For All Students:

  • Complete the online application form available at ris-swiss-section.openapply.com/apply
  • Submit electronic copies (scans) of school report cards or transcripts from the last 2 academic years (must be in German or English or an official translation)
    • For Grade 9 – 12 students: Records must be official High School transcripts or official English translation signed by the school

Non-Thai students: Electronic copy (scan) of

  • Student passport with non-immigrant visa status
  • Parents passports with non-immigrant visa status (if applicable)

Thai students: Electronic copy (scan) of

  • Student birth certificate
  • Both parent and student Thai Household Registration
  • Both parent and student Thai Passport or Identification Card

German language requirements:  Our language learning support program (DaF) is designed to help all students develop the skills they need to follow our bilingual English/German school curriculum. The capability to develop language skills is individual and a respective assessment will be conducted by the head of school in step 3 of the application process. The following German language proficiency levels are intended as guidelines:

entry Grade 9:             B2 or equivalent *

entry Grade 7:             B1 or equivalent *

entry Grade 5:             A2 or equivalent *

entry Grade 1:             A1 or equivalent *

* In line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

If special support is required: Electronic copies (scans) of

  • German language certificates
  • Logopedic reports
  • Psychological and/or educational evaluations

Medical certificates

STEP 2. Application Screening and Admission Assessment

Once all required information has been submitted, an Admissions Officer will contact you to clarify the next step:

a) for native German speakers: provisionally confirm eligibility / schedule a meeting with head of school (if desired)

b) for non-native German speakers: schedule a parent/guardian meeting with the head of primary or secondary school (on campus or online)

If possible, a trial day for students (from Basisstufe up) will be arranged.

STEP 3. Meeting with Head of School & Confirmation of Enrollment

Your Admissions Officer will arrange for you to meet the Head of School (or designate) who will assess and review your child’s educational background and grade-level placement.

For native German speaking students who wish to join our school from abroad the personal meeting with the head of school is optional or can be conducted online.

If your child is accepted, you will receive

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Invoice (please find an overview of the fees here)
  • Other documents to fill out or sign
    • A Record of Medical Examination to be completed and duly signed by a physician at hospital or clinic. The Student Health Data Form must be completed by a physician. This can be done outside Thailand but only our form can be accepted.
    • Policy Agreements
      • Values Program
      • Student Dress Code
      • Student Accident Insurance
      • Tuition And Fees Policy Agreement
      • Enrollment Agreement
      • Declaration of Consent of Photographed Person

Please note:

To complete the enrollment, the following fees have to be paid:

            1.Entrance fee (one-time, per student)

  1. SEA campus development fund (one-time, per student, refundable)


            Registration fee (semestral, per student, non-refundable)

  1. SEA membership fee (school yearly, per family)

The financial officer of RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok signs the enrollment form and issues a receipt for all fees paid.

Should the entry date be more than 2 months in the future, we can also reserve a place for your child for payment of a deposit of 50,000 THB. This deposit will be credited towards the invoice for the first school fees.

Additional Details:

Schedule a Campus Tour:

Come and join us for a campus tour. Our Admissions team is happy to introduce you to our learning family, answer your questions and showcase our safe and inviting learning environment. To schedule a tour, please choose the menu item “Tour” or contact: