RIS Swiss Section is planning to expand its school complex in 2023 with numerous spacious, interactive and multifunctional learning and activity areas

  • Nursery
  • Learning studio and library
  • New sports hall
  • Facilities for science subjects
  • Music studio

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The main objectives and goals of this ambitious project are:

  • Enhance and improve the learning experience of the students
  • Create a modern and stimulating teaching environment in accordance with modern pedagogical
  • Increase flexibility and safety readiness: additional space for students in physical classes and support facilities for hybrid and online classes
  • Meet the increasing demand for German language education in Bangkok
  • Create a sustainable long-term perspective for the school

Latest announcements by the school board (SEA EC)



  • Established need for major renovations (building from 1992) and expansion due to capacity problems in 2015


  • First proposal for expansion project approved at AGM 2016


  • Architect competition and selection of Quintrix architects in early 2017
  • First expansion plan (two additional floors on existing building) proposal approved at AGM 2017
  • Detailed planning and structural investigations reveal that new building regulations increase the cost of the first expansion plan by THB 63 Mio. This additional investment into a building owned by RIS is considered too high, which results in a second expansion plan (“new masterplan”)


  • Second expansion plan proposal incl. purchase of land through SEA Property and construction of a new building approved by AGM 2018


  • Clarification and negotiation of legal, organizational and operational details with various stakeholders connected to the land purchase and building construction.
  • Approval of revised Masterplan at AGM 2019


  • Rezoning and purchase of land plot completed
  • New central air con system installed in old school house


  • Renovation of old sports hall
  • Preparation of the construction site and erection of a construction fence
Question: Who will move to the new building, who stays in the old building? What’s the utilization plan?

Answer: Both buildings will be utilized for primary and secondary.  Younger students will always be on the ground floors, in old and new buildings. Older students will be on the upper floors of both buildings. Arts, Music and Library will be in the new building, along with some science rooms.

Question: Has the possible impact of the construction on the health of the students during the construction period been taken into account?

Answer: Student safety is our top priority and a health and safety plan is integrated in the construction plan. It is reflected in the contract conditions for the construction company and a reason why the construction needs to be planned and managed in carefully synchronized stages. It’s going to be a step-by-step process in which classes will only move to new rooms in time to minimize disturbance by construction noise and pollution.

Question: What about these green building certifications? Are they actually necessary?

Answer: All countries move towards standardization and certification in public buildings. The certifications are officially embraced, especially in Germany the DGNP is an officially required standard for schools.  We would like to follow best practice as established by US and European schools and thanks to proper planning, the certifications do not cost anything extra.

Detailed information about planned technical facilities like solar panels, Zertifizierungen , etc. can be found here:


Question: How will this expansion affect the school fees?

Answer: The financial plan has been created without the need for an increase of school fees. The long-term financing is assured without an increase of student numbers.