Parents are important and valued members of the RIS Swiss Section community, partnering with the School in the development and growth of their children.

Just as each child takes a unique journey through our school, exploring and honing individual interests and strengths, the parent role is also continually changing.

Parents at RIS Swiss Section will find many ways to participate in the life of the School. From parenting young, elementary-aged children and participating in classroom-related experiences, parents continue their involvement with the School as children mature and become more independent.

Important Source of Information: The School Newsletter

Our school newsletter is sent regularly to all parents, teachers, and secondary students to inform them of important announcements, activities, and events related to school life.

If you are a parent and do not receive these emails, please check the email address the school has on file for you. To do so, log into your Escola account and check the email contact address you provided.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter here: Newsletter-Archive

Breaktime bread sale volunteers and library support volunteers
Christmas Market Organization Team
Parent support at Open Houses and other school events