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Alumni Network

Welcome to the Alumni Network of RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok

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Here is where our Alumni went to after their time at RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok:


Alumni Visit on May 3rd, 2022

Always great to catch up with former students of the school. Last week we were pleased to welcome Henrik and Finn Steffan, alumni of the school year 2014/2015, on their first stop of their Thailand tour. Their former teachers Hendrik Schuhmacher and Ines Friedrich were happy to see them, again, and duly impressed with the academic and professional careers of the brothers. Henrik, a successful business consultant who studied law at the University of Zurich, said of his former school: "It is great to revisit after seven years. I have very fond memories of the RIS Swiss Section and look back fondly on my school days here." Added brother Finn, who just graduated from the University of Kempten with a BA degree in business administration and information systems: "I could not have wished for a better school. The small classes and family atmosphere were the perfect balance to the craziness of Bangkok." Thanks for the kind words, guys, and wishing you lots of fun on your trip!

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 Alumni Reunion in Germany, on September 21th, 2019

Am vergangenen Wochenende fand in Marktoberdorf (Deutschland) ein grosses Alumnitreffen der RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok statt. Ehemalige Schülerinnen und Schüler, Eltern und Lehrpersonen, welche in den Jahren 2005 bis 2019 an unserer Schule in Bangkok waren, nahmen an diesem beachtlichen Treffen teil und freuten sich sehr auf das Wiedersehen. Das gemütliche Wochenende endete mit einem Besuch des Musicals „Ludwig²“ im Festspielhaus Füssen.

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Alumni Reunion in Berlin on Saturday, May 4th, 2019

On Saturday, May 4th, 2019, 30 alumni of our school from the Matura classes 2008 to 2014 came together at an alumni reunion in Berlin. 
It is very nice to see that the students at RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok not only progress academically but also gain a strong network and life-long friendships.
Former principal, Prof. Dr. Daniel Halter, mentioned in this context: “It seems that the time at the RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok has a lasting positive impact on the students”.

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Alumni Reunion on January 12th, 2018

Last Friday, more than 40 Alumni, former teachers, staff and parents of students came together at the RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok. This Alumni Reunion was a great opportunity to keep in touch with the school and other Alumni. A big group of former students from the Matura class of 1998 even came all the way from Germany to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. Some Alumni prepared presentations and discussed their career backgrounds with the students of Grade 10 to 12 in small groups as a part of the annual career day of the RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok. The Alumni gave authentic insights into their field of work and daily routine as well as prerequisite studies. Five Students from Grade 9 to 11 guided the Alumni in different groups through the school and many memories rose up when the Alumni saw their childhood classrooms. In the evening, everybody met again at the Restaurant “The little Allee” for an unforgettable dinner. It was very nice to see that our Alumni still have such a close relationship with their school and even after years still remember their time in Bangkok as very vital.

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Alumni Reunion on Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 at the Christmas Party of the RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok

We invite all alumni, former teachers, staff and parents to join us for our Christmas Party. Our Alumni corner will provide a great opportunity to keep in touch with your school and other Alumni. From 2.00 pm on, various Christmas performances as well as worshops for kids and form 7.00 pm on, shows and music will delightfully entertain our guests. 

Alumni Reunion web



Research Presentation of our Alumna, Ms. Phyllis Hofmann at the i-CREATe 2016

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RIS Swiss Section – German Speaking School Bangkok is very proud that our Alumna, Ms. Phyllis Hofmann, who is currently studying at the ETH Zurich, was invited to present the results of her research paper at the i-CREATe 2016 Conference in Bangkok.

The paper presents a robotic tool (named Vitual Peg Insertion Test) for the assessment of upper limb function and ability of stroke patients. A stroke often leaves patients with permanent disabilities. Her part in the project was to define and implement new parameters on this test that can potentially identify and categorize these impairments following a stroke.

We wish Phyllis Hofmann every success in her future career!



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This week, our alumni Christian Hug visited our school. He attended the RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok from 2006 until 2011 and graduated with the bilingual Swiss Matura.
Christian continued his studies in Germany at the HTW Berlin where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in computer science. He will start his first position as a footwear associate for the Adidas Group in Ho Chi Minh City next month.
He looks back on his time at RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok as a very valuable experience: “I appreciated the family-like atmosphere and I see, today even more, the individualized learning atmosphere in small classes and the multilingualism as great advantages of our school”.
We at RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok are always very happy when alumni visit us and share their experiences.