Welcome to Satori Dance Academy, where the world of dance comes alive! Our academy is led by Mr. Mark Rosolini, a distinguished choreographer, musical theatre director, and our esteemed Director of Teaching. With a rich background in the performing arts, Mark is the founder of the Satori Dance and Performing Arts Company, renowned for its world-class choreography and performing arts teaching programs. With an impressive 26 years of national and international experience, Mark’s expertise spans directing and choreographing international advertising campaigns, commercials, film, television, and musical theatre productions.

His influence extends globally, with productions and teaching programs held in Australia, the USA, Thailand, and throughout Asia. As our guiding force, Mark brings his passion and expertise to inspire young talents, nurturing their creativity and honing their dance skills. With a commitment to excellence, Satori Dance Academy strives to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where students can flourish under the guidance of this exceptional industry professional. Join us on this exciting dance journey, where your child’s artistic aspirations will thrive. Explore our diverse dance programs and be part of the Satori experience today!


Kinder Ballet

At Satori Dance, our Kinder Ballet program sparks imaginations through movement, offering a magical introduction to Classical Ballet for children aged 3 to 5 years. Understanding the importance of captivating young minds, we skillfully blend imaginative play, storytelling, and classical ballet steps to nurture their gross motor skills and ignite their love for dance. Inspired by current preschool education trends, our programs emphasize the significance of play in fostering imagination and child development.

In our Kinder Ballet classes, children embark on enchanting journeys, transforming into princesses, fairies, and brave adventurers. They gracefully twirl like flowers in the wind, leap like agile gazelles, and stretch tall like magical unicorns. With dedicated instructors and a supportive environment, we encourage their creativity and provide personalized attention to each child. Our mission is to cultivate a lifelong passion for ballet, while nurturing their physical and cognitive growth. Join us at Satori Dance, where imaginations take flight, movements blossom, and the joy of ballet dances hand in hand with the wonder of childhood. Enroll your child in this captivating program and witness the joy of dance unfold!

Creative Dance

Creative Dance

The Creative Dance Program at Satori Dance is specially designed to cater to young children and students, providing them with essential skills for their future in dance and performing arts. This unique developmental approach emphasizes confidence, cognitive development, fitness, and self-growth. By seamlessly integrating ballet with creativity and movement, the program ensures an enjoyable experience for students through specially designed dance games and exercises that keep them interested and engaged.

This holistic approach to creative dance nurtures invaluable skills that enhance physical, emotional, and intellectual development, preparing participants for their journey in future dance programs. In summary, the Creative Dance Program is a one-of-a-kind developmental dance program, skillfully combining ballet with creativity and movement to promote confidence, cognitive development, fitness, and self-improvement. With tailored dance games and exercises, students are actively involved and inspired, gaining invaluable skills that will benefit them in future dance programs, both physically and intellectually. Enroll your child in this transformative program and set them on a path of artistic and personal growth!

K-Pop Dance


Experience the vibrant world of K-Pop, an energetic and fast-paced dance genre originating in South Korea, influenced by Hip Hop and featuring hard-hitting moves. If you’re a fan of iconic K-Pop bands like Blackpink, BTS, Big Bang, 2NE1, and Girls Generation, this class is tailor-made for you! Join this exhilarating course to master dynamic skills such as popping, voguing, waacking, and windmilling, mirroring the iconic dance techniques showcased by Korea’s renowned K-Pop groups.

In this exciting class, you’ll learn to perform your favorite moves and fresh choreography with boundless energy, attitude, and distinctive style. Let the music and rhythm ignite your passion as you immerse yourself in the world of K-Pop, building confidence and unleashing your inner performer. Come and be a part of this dynamic new class, where you’ll discover the joy of dance and celebrate the captivating spirit of K-Pop!

Contemporary Dance

Timings Info

  • Creative Dance Thursday 13:35-14:20
  • K-Pop Thursday 15:00-16:00
  • Kinder Ballet Friday 13:35-14:20
  • K-Pop Friday 15:00-16:00

Fees - No registration fee

450 THB/45 minutes

(14 Sessions = 6,300 THB | 18 Sessions = 8,100 THB)

500 THB/60 minutes

(14 Sessions = 7,000 THB | 18 Sessions = 9,000 THB)

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