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Learning Areas

This is me

My body and what all I can do with it: games and songs that get me moving, aerobics, how I can take care of my body and what I need in order to do that (tooth brush, washrag, hairbrush)
My senses: sense of touch (touching and feeling different materials, creating a small touch book, warm/cold), sense of smell (herbage, creams etc.), sense of taste (trying different things that taste salty, sour, sweet or bitter), sense of hearing (sounds of different instruments, noises, tones, loud/quiet), sense of sight
I like that, I don't like that (animals, food, colors etc.), making a collage
My things: dresses, clothes, playing "Ich packe meinen Koffer" (I'm going on a trip)

Colors and molds

Green days
Yellow days
Blue days
Red days
Colorful days
Black/white days
Molds: viewing, searching, sorting simple molds (collages with molds, ball games)

In the garden

Plants in the garden: flowers, grass, trees ..., viewing, touching, comparing the flowers, leaves, bark, fruits etc., sowing beans, making collages and prints; poem: "Sonnenblume, Sonnenblume" (Sunflower, sunflower)

Animals in the garden: birds, , snails, insects etc., , handicrafts with paper bugs and caterpillars, German songs like „Eine Schnecke" (A snail), "Kommt ein Vogel geflogen" (A bird comes a-flying), "Hört ihr die Regenwürmer husten?" (Do you hear the earthworms coughing?)


Animals on a farm, in the jungle, in the water
In what way are the animals different?
How do animals move? Rhymes: "Leise, leise schleicht die Katze" (Quietly, quietly, the cat sneaks up); "Eine Schnecke" (A snail)
What sounds do the animals produce?
Colors of the animals
Exploring the opposites: big/small, long/short, fast/slow etc.

On my way

Walking: we take a walk; how can we move by foot? (Going, running, hopping etc., fast/slowly, foot prints)
On the wheels: searching for wheels, making tracks with wheels, testing rapidity on ramps, washing toy cars
On the rail track: "chair train", role plays
In the air
On the water (What swims/what sinks?)

We celebrate

St. Martin's Day
International St. Nicholas


"Familie Igel" (Family Hedgehog)
"Alle meine Fingerlein" (All my little fingers)
"Leise, leise schleicht die Katze" (Quietly, quietly, the cat sneaks up)
"Ein kleines Krokodil" (A small crocodile)
"Sonnenblume, Sonnenblume" (Sunflower, sunflower)

Songs that get me moved

"Seht her, seht her, das Tanzen ist nicht schwer" (Look here, look here, dancing is not hard)
"Eins, zwei, drei im Sauseschritt" (One, two, three in quickstep)
"Auf der grünen Wiese steht ein Karussell" (On the green meadow, there is a merry-go-round)
"Brüderchen, komm tanz mit mir" (Brother, come and dance with me)
"Igelchen" (Little hedgehog)


"Hallo ...., schön dass du da bist" (Hello ..., nice to see you here") as a greeting song
"Alle Leut' gehen nun nach Haus'" (All the kids are going home) as a farewell song
"Es schwimmt im Nil" (In the Nile, there's swimming ...)
"Wenn ich zum Markt geh'" (When I go to the market)
"Bruder Jakob" (Brother John)