Language stays

An essential foundation for success at school is mastering a language.  An opportunity to strengthen the language capabilities for students in secondary school (grade 7 and higher) are language camps in Switzerland, Germany, and France in cooperation with the renowned Alpadia language schools. 

Providing language education to students from all over the world since 1996, Alpadia Language Schools is a leading company offering English, French and German language schools (16+) and language camps for juniors in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and France. 

The curricula of Alpadia Junior Language Camps have been specially designed for young learners. They are particularly suited to promote language development through consistent immersion in the language and broaden students’ horizons through new experiences and encounters. In addition, a large variety of exciting extracurricular activities for adventure and entertainment ensures that everyone will have fun.

Language Course Offers by Alpadia:

Summer Camps

The Foundation for Young Swiss Abroad SAJAS offers camps every year. There are still places available for the summer camps 2023.