Alumni Visit

Always great to catch up with former students of the school. Last week we were pleased to welcome Henrik and Finn Steffan, alumni of the school year 2014/2015, on their first stop of their Thailand tour. Their former teachers Hendrik Schuhmacher and Ines Friedrich were happy to see them, again, and duly impressed with the academic and professional careers of the brothers. Henrik, a successful business consultant who studied law at the University of Zurich, said of his former school: “It is great to revisit after seven years. I have very fond memories of the RIS Swiss Section and look back fondly on my school days here.” Added brother Finn, who just graduated from the University of Kempten with a BA degree in business administration and information systems: “I could not have wished for a better school. The small classes and family atmosphere were the perfect balance to the craziness of Bangkok.” Thanks for the kind words, guys, and wishing you lots of fun on your trip!