Christmas Card Competition

For this year’s Christmas card competition, a prominent jury carefully examined the many Christmas cards handed in by the participants. Joachim Hecker, representative of the German Embassy, Stephanie Jakobitsch, representative of the Austrian Embassy, and Silvia Spahn, representative of the Swiss embassy, together with our principal Christian Vogel and SEA president Knut Sierotzki selected this year’s winners.We thank the embassy representatives for their support and congratulate the winners!

1. Palika Trakooneng (Mink) from Grade 7

2. Kindergarten Orange Community Project

3. Nevena Ziza (Nena) from Grade 2b.

The winning motifs as well as nine further motifs from the short list will be printed and sold through the school office before Christmas. The proceeds of the sale will go to the students council.

You can find the selection under this link: https://ris-swiss-section.org/school-life/christmas-card