Frist day of School

Christian Vogel, principal
Conradin Rasi, Switzerland Embassy

Today marked a fantastic beginning to our new school year, filled with palpable enthusiasm as our students reconnected after the summer break, eagerly reuniting with friends and teachers.

The day commenced with a heartwarming welcome from our cherished mascot, “Theo,” spreading an extra layer of joy throughout the campus. New parents were treated to invaluable insights at the Edu Café, ensuring a seamless transition into our vibrant school community.

Our opening ceremony was nothing short of spectacular, featuring inspiring speeches by esteemed individuals, including our school principal, Christian Vogel, Conradin Rasi from the Embassy of Switzerland, Likki-Lee Pitzen from the German Embassy, and Stephanie Jakobitsch from the Austrian Embassy.

Adding to the festivities, our new students were greeted with delightful flower garlands, and our exceptionally talented students showcased their remarkable performances, infusing the day with even more splendor.

A cherished tradition in many German-speaking regions, the practice of presenting Grade 1 students with a school cone brought immense joy and radiant smiles to their faces.

We are thrilled to embark on this exciting academic journey together, eagerly anticipating the many memorable moments and achievements that will define this school year. Stay tuned for more updates as we make this year truly unforgettable!

Stephanie Jakobitsch, Austrian Embassy
Likki-Lee Pitzen, German Embassy