Goodbye to the head of primary school Johanna Vänskä

After almost 16 years at RIS Swiss Section, Head of Primary, Mrs Johanna Vänsäe, said her final goodbyes on 28th January. The school wishes Johanna all the best for her future and thanks her for everything she has done for the school.

Johanna Vänskä first joined RIS Swiss Section as a DaF (German as a Foreign language) teacher in 2006. In her role as Head of Primary she has left a lasting and memorable impression on countless numbers of students, parents and colleagues since 2010.

She has always been guided in her work by the principle that it is important to build a good teacher-pupil relationship (“the pedagogical link”) and to connect with the child at his or her point of development: “Elementary school is always holistic – we don’t just look at academic performance, but at the whole child with their knowledge of the world, their self-image and their competencies.”

The students have always been at the center of Johanna’s concern and some of her fondest memories are connected to seeing many children at our school develop and grow up from kindergarten all the way to secondary school and Matura.

When asked for some general advise, she says: “No matter how old you are – discover the beautiful moments in life. They are often very small things and sometimes you have to discover them first. One could call it “Gratefulness” – a very healthy attitude for all of us!”

On her last day of school, the students and teachers of the primary level had a special surprise in store for her to say goodbye: a “Pokémon Treasure Hunt” that took her through all the classrooms of the primary level.

The school management team and board, teachers and staff, students and families wish her all the best for her future and thank Johanna Vänskä for all she has done for the school.