Introduction of our new Principal, Christian Vogel

So that you know who you will be dealing with in the future, I will introduce myself to you in a few words:

I was born on 19 February 1962 to a father from Lucerne and a mother from Udine (Italy) in the tranquil town of Entfelden in the Suhrental valley of Aargau, where I also spent my early school years. After obtaining the Federal Matura (Type B) at the Alte Kantonsschule Aarau, I gained my first work experience as a lecturer and editor at the Aargauer Zeitung publishing house while studying at the University of Zurich. I then decided to train as a primary and secondary school teacher at the Höhere Pädagogische Lehranstalt HPL in Zofingen. During my subsequent studies as a secondary school teacher at the University of Lausanne, I met my wife Erika, to whom I have now been happily married for 25 years. Our two children Irina (24) and Adriano (22) are also the result of this marriage. Our daughter is currently completing her Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Leiden (Netherlands), while our son is going to do an apprenticeship as a biology lab technician at Syngenta in Stein. After two exciting years as a secondary school teacher in Fricktal, I was drawn to the Berufswahlschule BĂĽlach, where I worked as a homeroom teacher and department head for the next 18 years. For the last seven years, after completing my principal’s training, I was a headmaster of the Nägelimoos Secondary School in Kloten and then the principal of the Hirslanden Secundary School in the Zurichberg school district. In addition, I was the Chief Financial Officer of the BĂĽlach Secondary School Board for five years.

I find a balance to my professional life in my leisure activities such as reading, sports and above all, travelling. Since my work as a school principal began, I have had to cut back on my sporting commitments as a junior coach in football or at federation level in figure skating, but while travelling I have been able to get to know many interesting countries and cultures such as Australia, Russia, the Caucasus, China or Southeast Asia.

Unfortunately, I had to start in a phase of lockdown, but I am nevertheless looking forward to my new task and to a successful cooperation with all those involved.