On September 24th and 25th it was time to “review and rethink” for the teachers of RIS Swiss Section on two professional development days.

Friday’s schedule emphasized language teaching and language acquisition methods in various workshops and working groups. Textbooks for specific subjects are usually written with native speakers in mind and can be challenging for students at international schools who may still be in the process of learning the language. On Friday morning, the focus was thus on taking a closer look at such texts and how teachers can adapt them for the students for better understanding.

“How to conduct successful teacher-student coaching conversations” was the title of a seminar by well-known German school psychologist and leadership coach Stephan Deiner in the afternoon.

Since online learning continues to be a necessity for our students and teachers, Saturday was all about the creation of fresh ideas to keep students motivated and engaged during distance learning.

“The workshop was very well organized, entertaining and informative. What we learned will help us a lot, because everything was very practice-oriented.”