Open House Day at RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok

Today we welcomed the parents of our students back into the classrooms for the first regular Open House Day in over two years. For many of them it was the first opportunity to gain an insight into our everyday school life. From 7.30 am onwards, parents and guests were visiting classes, meeting and chatting with staff and students in the courtyard and sampling the offerings of the morning break bread sale and school canteen.

The Open House was also a good opportunity to introduce a new service to our parents: The Edu-Café. Here, interested parents meet once a month to ask questions about academic topics, such as language support or further education options. These questions are then discussed over coffee, tea and cake and, in the best case, answered immediately.

Did you miss it? Fret not: The next Edu-Café will take place on 9th December and the next Open House Day on 14th February 2023.