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In Switzerland and Germany, Primary School is the first stage of compulsory education stretching over 6 years. It is preceded by preschool, i.e. compulsory Kindergarten and voluntary Pre-Kindergarten education.

Age Year School Level RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok
12 6 Primary School Primary School
11 5
10 4
9 3
8 2
7 1 Basis Level
6 0
5 0 Preschool Kindergarten
4 0 Kindergarten
3 0 Pre-Kindergarten "Lernzwerge"
1.5 0 Pre-Kindergarten "Lernzwerge"
Figure 1: Preschool and Primary School

The Basis Level is the organizational form that combines the last year of Kindergarten and the first year of Primary School in age-mixed learning groups which stimulates a smooth transition into the primary cycle. The focus is set on learning and playing, individual learning paths and children learning from each other. Literacy and numeracy are introduced in a playful way. Assessment occurs without numerical grades.

After the Basis Level, the pupils continue in Primary School that stretches from grades 2 to 6.

At the end of Primary School, the students transfer into one of the three secondary levels – Swiss Realschule/German Hauptschule, Swiss Sekundarschule/German Realschule or Gymnasium – depending on their academic and personal performance and development level.