Giovane Élber visits the RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok

The German speaking community came together at the RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok in order to welcome football star Giovane Élber on Friday November 29th, 2019.
Giovane Élber is a Brazilian professional footballer who played in Switzerland and Germany for clubs such as the Grasshoppers Zurich, VfB Stuttgart and most notably FC Bayern Munich.
On his trip to Asia as brand ambassador for the FC Bayern Munich, he made a visit at our school on Friday morning. Giovane Élber was introduced to the school community and answered questions from students. He ment to a question of a student that it is very important not just as a professional footballer but in any other profession as well to keep one’s focus on the future.
Afterwards, the football star participated in a penalty wall shoot-out with some talented football players of our school. The students and guests were excited by the visit of the football star, which the school community certainly will remember for a long time.

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