Ice skating trip

The students of our primary school made a trip to the ice skating rink at Mega Bangna, where they spent a wonderful morning ice skating! It was amazing to see how the students progressed - for some it was the very first time on skates!

Ice Skating is a very popular winter sport in the German-speaking countries, where many children learn to skate on naturally occurring bodies of frozen water, such as lakes and rivers during their early childhood.
Ice skating is not just fun it is also very good for one's joint and muscle health because ice skating engages almost every muscle group in the body. Gliding on ice further requires synchronized movement of the legs, which improves one's coordination and dynamic balance abilities. It is very important to develop strong coordination and balance abilities during the primary school age, since it helps the children to protect themselves and reduces the likelihood of injuries since children with sound coordination and balance abilities show appropriate postural reactions when needed, for example putting their hands out when falling.

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