The Great Book Swap

 1Book swap

For the past three years RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok has participated in ‘The Great Book Swap’, a charity project initiated by the Primary School. Grades Basis Level A in the German Profile and 2/3 E in the English Profile prepared and organized the event, Grade 6 helped out as very enthusiastic cashiers!
The project encourages each Primary student to clean out their bookshelves and donate at least one book to the project and to buy back a book.
This year we collected more than 740 books and raised over 20.000 baht.
All the money raised will be given to the SOS Children’s Villages in Thailand at our end of the school year event on June 20. SOS Children´s Villages have been taking care of children in Thailand for over 40 years. They help children who have lost the care of their parents to grow up in the most natural way possible and develop their individual skills, interests and talents. There are over 600 children in five SOS Children’s Villages situated in different locations all over Thailand.
This project is a practical way to help our students demonstrate compassion for those less fortunate than themselves.