Mekong Project with RIS


All 145 students from the 10th grade from RIS along with their teachers hosted this year’s second “Mekong Summit”. Our 11 students from 9B Swiss Section also had the opportunity to participate in the project with the topic being the highly controversial Mekong dam projects in China and Laos. During the 3-week-preparation time all participants got ready in their specific interest groups for the presentation day. Some had to represent the energy sector or one of the neighboring countries, while others had to inform themselves about the interests of the locals or became experts on human rights. At this stage of the presentations the committed speeches of our experts Katja Dombrowski and Knut Sierotzki proved to be very helpful. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation to them! 

On May 15th at the “Mekong Summit” held at RIS, the different committees came face to face, each well prepared and dressed suitably. There the students debated very heatedly and with definitely well-founded arguments for four hours, discussing all aspects of the Mekong projects in an attempt to reach the fairest solutions possible for this issue. This gave rise to many heated debates and the compromises reached were announced in brief statements in the final plenary discussion.
Our Swiss Section participants did very well, despite lacking prior experience and having to express themselves in English all day long. An impressive project, where one learned much more than on any “normal” school day!