RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok at the Literary Night

On 17th September 2014, the second German-language Literary Night took place at the Bangkok Arts and Culture Center (bacc). The event was organized by the Goethe Institute Thailand and hosted by the Embassies of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Authors Hanna Lemke from Germany, Zoë Jenny from Switzerland and Thomas Stangl from Austria read parts of their new works and discussed with the audience. The host, Dr. Marla Stukenberg, the Head of the local Goethe Institute, managed to engage all three in fruitful, very interesting conversation.

The Ambassadors of Germany and Switzerland, H. E. Rolf Schulze and H. E. Christine Schraner Burgener, were among the literature-savvy crowd as well as the Austrian Deputy Head of Mission, Mr Stephan Heisler, together with members of the German-speaking expat community and Thai university students of German with their professors.

We were able to present our school's information material at a small booth.

Bild 1b

Picture 1: Dr Marla Stukenberg, Head of Bangkok's Goethe Institute, with Principal Dominique Tellenbach

Bild 2a

Picture 2: The authors engaged in conversation with Dr Marla Stukenberg

Bild 3a

Picture 3: The Embassies thank their guests.