Visit of Swiss Author - a poetic morning with Zoë Jenny

On 18.09.2014, RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok hosted Swiss author Zoë Jenny. Visiting authors and journalists are not uncommon for the school and are a great opportunity for the students to meet creative and innovative people in person.

During her visit, Zoë Jenny read from her latest collection of short stories and shared her tips for starting a career as a professional author with the attending students from grades 10 to 12.

Zoe Jenny at RIS Swiss Section1a

Zoë Jenny was born in 1974 in Basel, Switzerland and spent parts of her childhood in Greece and Ticino. Her first novel, The “Pollen Room” (1997), won her global critical acclaim and is the all-time best-selling debut novel by a Swiss author. Translated into 27 languages, the novel propelled her across the globe for readings and talks in schools and universities as far away as Japan, China and the USA. Zoë Jenny has published several highly acclaimed novels. “The Sky is Changing” was Zoë‘s first novel written in English - seeing her become one of the first authors to write and publish novels in different languages in original form.

She lived in many different places, among them New York, Berlin, London and Florence, and now resides with her partner and daughter mainly in Zurich, Switzerland.

Zoe Jenny at RIS Swiss Section3a

Zoe Jenny was reading from her new oeuvre „Spätestens morgen“, a collection of short stories. Through her authentic reading and the open-minded was in which she answered students' questions, she created an inspiring and insightful morning for the audience. RIS Swiss Section – Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok was able to host Zoë Jenny with the generous help and support of the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok.