Grades 6 and 6E visited Thailand´s biggest Bee Farm

Grades 6 and 6E visited Thailand´s biggest Bee Farm and our student reporter Jessica summarized this exciting trip as following:

When we first got to the Bee Farm, Mr. Nima gave us a tour and we looked at man-made bee hives for beekeepers. Then, we got to see the smallest bees in the world – they were really tiny! After that, we could even hold a beehive in our own hands and take pictures of it. We saw the bee queen and all the workers around her making honey. We also went into the museum and learned many new things about bees, like how they make honey and what a bee looks like when it is growing inside a cell. We then came to know about the benefits of honey. There was also a shop where we could buy honey products. IMG 1155

The trip was a lot of fun and educational at the same time. We learned many new facts about bees that we could directly implement in our projects – like never put honey in hot water.

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