Economic week 2019

In the project week the students of grades 9 and 10 learned together with our two experts from Switzerland, Ruedi Frey and Franz Gübeli, to manage virtual economic enterprises. The Economics Week is a joint project offered by the Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation, the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and is supported by many Swiss Companies.

This year the students took on the role of managing their Schweizer Uhren - watch company. The students experienced the way a company functions in the market in a realistic environment. They were challenged to manage their companies creatively and responsibly.

On Wednesday the students visited „Bangkok Air Catering“ (BAC) near the airport. On this visit the students could experience how a real company works. Thanks to Mr. Linus A E Knobel, Managing Director of the company, who made this visit possible. The students learned about the challenges and high standards of the production process in this company. At the end of the visit we got a first-class menu which tasted fantastic and each person received a special gift.

On Thursday, 13th June, the students had the chance to present their impressive results to all interested members of the school community and their parents in form of an Annual General Meeting. After the presentations all student got a certificate that is useful for future applications.

The Economics Week 2019 owed its great success to the instructors Ruedi Frey and Franz Gübeli. A great thanks for their voluntary and extraordinary work.

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