RIS Swiss Section - Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok Last day of school celebration 2019

On the last day of school on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 teachers, families and friends were invited to join the students for the year-end celebration at the Performing Arts Centre of our partner school the RIS.

The guests were greeted with welcoming words from Principal Simon Dörig. Students from kindergarten all the way up to upper Secondary captured the stage and provided the audience with an extraordinary and memorable farewell performance. Well-rehearsed songs and performance pieces immediately opened the audience’s hearts. Jelena Gioia Büchi and Leonie Zindler from Grades 5 and 5E led through the very well - received performances.

At the event, teachers, staff and students who are leaving the school were bid farewell to with a ceremony and big round of applause. Afterwards, members of the Student Council (SMV) thanked the parents who sold snacks during the breaks for their great effort, highlighted the contribution of the library team and finally thanked all members of the school administration and the maintenance team for their excellent work throughout the year.

Another highlight was the presentation about the successful 2019 SEA Games in Manila.

In his closing words, the Principal appreciated the Sanuk Team for organizing the pleasant last day of school celebration and said thank you to all members of the school community, especially to all the teachers, the school leadership team and the board for their dedication during the whole school year.



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