“Let´s get out into real life” was once again the slogan of Grade 9 during their internship. For two weeks they did not come to school like usual in their school uniform, but plunged into real work life. A lot of independence was demanded! Where exactly do I have to go? How much time will it take to go there? How will I find my contact person? Will they be nice to me? Will I come up to their expectations? These and other questions preoccupied our students. Apart from three of them, all stayed in Bangkok, two went to Phuket and Koh Chang, one student even flew to Germany. But all of them discovered interesting fields of work: airport technique and - service, airline catering, autofleet control, UN-aids help, advertising agency, magazine agency, fashion design, hotel business, processing of mussels, IT-costumer consulting, planning and service of manufacturing sites.

All companies that could be visited by our teachers were very satisfied with our young interns. So after two weeks they came back in their school uniforms again, deeply satisfied with themselves and rich with precious experiences from work life. A detailed report and a presentation for students and parents will be the final highlights of this important and successful project.