Mariana Veiga


My name is Mariana Veiga and I’m 15 years old. I did my internship at the UNAIDS in Bangkok. UNAIDS is a project of the organization UNITED NATIONS (UN), which aims at making the lives of people infected with HIV/AIDS easier and to end the spreading of the disease. The working days always began at 10 am but sometimes it was hard to get to the UN building, since there were too many protesters there. On the first day I had to learn more about UNAIDS and read many reports about it. The following days I mostly went to meetings either about human rights or about countries in Asia, which are affected by HIV/AIDS. Overall I enjoyed my internship, but sometimes it was a little bit boring, because I didn’t have anything to do, mostly because they didn’t know what to do with me, or the meetings were extremely long. I would recommend the internship at the UNAIDS to students/young people who like to help other people or who enjoy office work.