Nyimma Elisabeth Drame

My name is Nyimma Elisabeth Drame and my internship was in Sofitel Suhumvit. The internship was two weeks long. It started on the 27th of January 2014 and ended on the 7th of February 2014. My first week was divided into two sections, the first one was 3 days long in the bakery, and the second one was in the house keeping section from 30th of January to the 31st of January. The next week was again divided into two sections: the first one was from the 3rd February to the 5th February in the restaurant “Voilat” and the last section was in the “Club Millesime”. My favorite section was the bakery because I’ve learned a lot of new things and it was a lot of fun, too.
My internship was overall a positive experience and now I have a clear idea of a professional life and I can understand what many adults have to do.