Curriculum in German and English

A School Like in the Heart of Europe – Enhanced!

Visitors to our school from Switzerland, Germany and Austria immediately feel at home and often say: “RIS Swiss Section-Deutschsprachige Schule Bangkok looks and even smells like a typical school in our country!”

Small wonder, since the green setting, familiar infrastructure, values like community spirit, peacefulness, discipline, work ethics and high quality, languages, daily life at school as well as the curriculum are practically the same as in any given school of the three German-speaking countries in the heart of Europe. The Swiss pedagogue Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s (1746-1827) holistic maxim "learning by head, hand and heart" runs like a red thread through the curriculum from our Lernzwerge, Kindergarten, Basis Level, Primary School up to Secondary School.

Additionally, the traditional Swiss-German curriculum has been enhanced with a strong English language immersion, Thai language and culture as well as small classes and individualizing teaching and learning.

 From Nursery to Grade 12 Table
 Figure 1: The Path from Pre-Kindergarten to University

Swiss Maturity Diploma: The Key for Studying Abroad

The Swiss Maturity – in our case the Bilingual Swiss Maturity in German and English – is an internationally recognized diploma that gives successful graduates direct access to higher education, including the world’s leading universities, without any predetermined score needed. It is, therefore, the ideal school-leaving certificate for internationally-oriented students.

Twelfth grade students are awarded the Swiss Maturity Diploma after successful completion of a series of five written and oral exams (German, English, mathematics and their two elective subjects) and a university-style mini-dissertation on a topic of their choice. The Swiss Maturity is thus preparing students for individual academic writing and oral presentation skills, whereas students also work closely with a teacher and must hand in regular progress reports. The mini-dissertation has turned out to be the biggest success of the Swiss Maturity program and makes the academic life at the universities a lot easier.