Pausenbrot Sale

The volunteers of the Pausenbrot Team provide students and teachers with healthy snacks during the morning break from 9.15 to 9.30. In addition to fresh fruits and dairy products, pretzels and filled rolls are sold, just like in schools in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Sometimes the Pausenbrot team surprises with seasonal specials, such as on Halloween or during special school activities such as Sports Day and the Healthy Snack Workshop.

Another piece of German speaking culture that makes kids smile over and over again.

RIS Canteen

The RIS Canteen is set up like a classic food court and offers a variety of yummy Thai, Asian and Western dishes in over 12 different food stalls. And, similar to the payment system in a Thai food court, students can pay cashless. The student ID card doubles as a payment card in the canteen and students can add funds to their balance at a dedicated payment kiosk.

Visiting parents and secondary students also have the option of buying beverages, lunch and snacks from Thomas Cafe, the independent coffee shop on campus.

Catering for our youngest learners from nursery to grade 1

Our youngest students, ages 2 to 6, take their meals in the classrooms with teacher supervision and assistance. The RIS canteen delivers a healthy and wholesome lunch menu directly to the classrooms every day.